I live a pretty busy life. I’m a substitute teacher with aspirations of having my own classroom hopefully very soon. I coach 3 sports, perform stand up comedy along with improv comedy when the opportunity presents itself. I’m the worst player in a pool league, which is nice. I’m a hell of a cook who’s kind of a local legend in the Scranton area. Just ask the Scranton Times.

I’m creating this blog because I still think I can find some time to do it and posting my ideas on facebook was getting old. If you’re of the website Barstoolsports.com, you’ll immediately notice that my writing style is very similar. Barstool is a major influence in my writing style. I can assure you my takes will be my own and I’ll try and get stories and video¬† that they don’t put on their site or at least before they do. No guarantees with that however.

My goal is to get as many¬† of my ideas I can into this blog. Be gentle, I am as computer illiterate as Eskimos are cold. So please, feel free to let me know when something can be improved. E-mail me with suggestions for content at themayfield12@gmail.com and I’ll see what I can do.

Let us see where this goes